The Prickly Pick

Cartier creates a unique take on traditional floral jewellery.

For almost two centuries, Cartier has been a household name in the luxurious jewellery and watches world, adorning the stunning looks of many A-listers all around the world. The design of each jewellery collection from Cartier is always iconic, engraving memorable shapes and colours for those with an eye for beauty.

While the brand is better known for its classic, conservative designs, Cartier isn’t afraid to be brave and bold once in a while, which is apparent in its latest collection, Cactus de Cartier. Pushing the envelope on the usual floral inspirations, this time the jeweller pays homage to the prickly kind. Ball-shaped crowns with tiny thorns in yellow and pink gold, studded with emeralds and diamonds, among others, can be seen taking the form of stylish rings, necklaces and earrings. The collection even sees two types of classic, yet quirky handbags.

For the unmatched look of a trendsetter, Cactus de Cartier definitely sets the bar high as a unique series for those who dare to be different and outstanding.