Understanding The Essence Of Wealth

On 11th and 12th May, PermataBank hosted what was described as the largest wholistic wealth conference in Indonesia in the ballrooms of The Ritz-Carlton, Pacific Place Jakarta. Bringing together multiple successful public figures and key financially savvy individuals, this conference was meant to give pearls of financial and life wisdom to families in Indonesia so they can better comprehend the true meaning of life and the essence of wealth. Wealth Wisdom was designed to share not only about financial wellness, but also other non-financial aspects such as, relationship, health, social giving, travel and positive life experience and finding one’s purpose.The conference held thirteen classes over the span of two days, with prominent financial and wellness experts such as Elizabeth Dunn, author of Happy Money and a professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia, Tony Prasentiatono, an independent commissary with PT Bank Permata, social enterpreneur and author Muhamad Assad, founder of Master Boot Camp Carlo Tamba, famous travel blogger Marischka Prudence and SIP Institute founder Ary M. Wibowo. With some of the classes carrying interesting and engaging themes such as “Can money buy happiness?”, “Your health leads to wealth” and “Investing in leisure: creating unforgettable heartprints”, this wholistic wealth conference was PermataBank’s way of commiting to helping “inspire wisdom for better comprehension of wealth and improve the happiness level of millions of families”, according to Bianto Surodjo, PermataBank’s retail banking director.