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Whether you choose to exchange your vows within the regal cosmopolitan hub of Singapore or along the magnificent Bali coastline, Tirtha Weddings Singapore and Tirtha Uluwatu on the Island of the Gods will make sure that your celebration is the most talked about event of the year.

Located in the exclusive Fullerton Hotel, Tirtha Weddings Singapore is Singapore’s most exclusive destination for luxury wedding gowns and tuxedos. Described by owner, Yuka Koreyasu, as a Japanese wedding salon with a rich heritage, a peek inside Tirtha Weddings Singapore is available by appointment only. Catering to couples who require a notch above the very best, Yuka carries premier international designers including the Italian Andrea Couture line, the Nordic brand Sadoni and Yumi Katsuri, a 2013 participant in Singapore’s annual Fashion Week at Marina Bay Sands.

During a pause in her busy travel schedule, Yuka was able to chat with Asia Dreams about future trends in the competitive Asian wedding market.

Asia Dreams: What are your predictions regarding which styles will be most popular this year?

Yuka: Lace is making a big comeback this year. From traditional Chantilly to new techniques such as laser cut or appliqué, lace is certainly the “it” fabric right now. The ways to embody lace are quite diverse and modern. Appliques infuse a romantic feel into the sleek body, fitted like a mermaid gown with a deep plunging neckline or lace blouson, bringing more drama to the clean minimalist gown. Simple combined with elaborate, classic with modern, bold with delicate — interesting mixtures are in fashion nowadays.

Asia Dreams: In addition to Tirtha Wedding Singapore, Tirtha Bridal in Bali helps the island’s most glamorous couples realise their dream weddings. What are the major style differences between a Singapore-based and Bali-based wedding?

Yuka: The backdrop of ocean blue, an infinite horizon, lush gardens, exotic flowers, sublime sunsets or sleek darkness at night; any gift of nature is the perfect backdrop for your day in Bali. In Singapore, it is the black and white colonial bungalows and the art deco era – majestic buildings and a neon flickering skyline are what we love to embrace.

Asia Dreams: What up and coming trends do you see in the luxury wedding market here in Asia?

Yuka: To create a fairy tale background, a restaurant can be draped with white gauze, the dinner tables dressed up in sleek shantung silk, luminous bar, glittering chandeliers, fairy lights and hundreds of candles often play a big role.

Asia Dreams: What is one of the most memorable custom requests you’ve received from couples recently?

Yuka: The tale of “Swan Lake” brought to reality — lots of tulle, layers, pleats, tucking and waffling…

Asia Dreams: What do you suggest to clients who want to create an unforgettable experience for not only themselves, but for their friends and family who may be travelling from afar to attend the wedding?

Yuka: Listen carefully to what your heart is saying. What do you want your day to be all about?  You might go with something flamboyant or simple and intimate. There are many ways to go, but what will you make your beloved happy on the day? And if anything happens to stray from your plan, simply embrace it and enjoy what is happening.

Asia Dreams: Bali is home to more than 20,000 weddings every year. What is it about this island that makes it so romantic?

Yuka: Bali provides the perfect backdrop to any wedding couple that is longing for exotic lush gardens, the Indian Ocean, colourful Balinese culture, mystical river valleys and so forth.

Asia Dreams: What inspires your work on a day-to-day basis?

Yuka: Everything – insignificant encounters in every day life, a path adorned with white Balinese flags with a blue sky beyond, pure white plumeria flowers floating in water, a movie, a book, travel, cruising around town…

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