7 Spots Where You Can Still Spot Sakura This Year


Photo by: travel.gaijinpot.com

When: April to early May

The legend has it that the first sakura trees were planted along the slopes of Mount Yoshino in Nara prefecture over 1,300 years ago. That’s why the location is a highly popular spot for sakura viewing, showcasing around 30,000 different varieties of cherry tree.


Photo by: Wikimedia

When: Mid to late April

Get two of Japan’s greatest icons in one viewing by opting for the majestic Mount Fuji as your preferred sakura spot. Several spots around the mountain make great photo-ops, including The Fuji Five Lakes, Chureito Pagoda and the northern shore of Kawaguchiko.


Photo by: twitte.com/mahoroandou

When: Early May

The capital of Hokkaido is also Japan’s fifth largest city, and is known for its tasty ramen and beer. So if you’re feeling like hearty meal and joyful time over drinks while getting hypnotised by the rows of sakura trees, Sapporo is where it’s at.


Photo by: en.aomori.com

When: Late April to early May

Head to Hirosaki Park in Aomori Prefecture to enjoy the Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival, which is usually held around 23 April to 5 May. Around this time of the year, the park turns blushing shades of pink from its 2,600 trees of 50 different cherry varieties.


Photo by: blog.gaijinpot.com

When: 8-16 April

This city is filled with picturesque spots to view sakura blossoms! Check out Hanamiyama Park, Shinobuyama Park, Ogawa-Suwa Shrine, Natsui Senbonzakura (which literally means the 1,000 cherry trees of Natsui), Tsuruga-Jo Castle and Nicchu Line – that train track repurposed into a cycling path.


Photo by: us.jnto.go.jp

When: Early to mid April

Kanazawa is filled with pretty parks and charming castles to choose as a sakura spot, but we personally love Kazuemachi Geisha Street. The former geisha district combines the beauty of old Japanese buildings with a plethora of sakura petals.


Photo by: elevation.maplogs.com

When: Early to mid April

The scenic district of Takayama makes an idyllic option for sakura sighting. Choose from Miya-gawa Riverbank, Enaka-gawa Riverbank or Shiroyama-koen Park to lose track of time and stroll through the rows of sakura.