A New Wellness Sanctuary in Switzerland

Beau-Rivage Palace brings Parisian wellness brand Cinq Mondes to the comfort of its establishment.

Elegant, five-star hotel Beau-Rivage Palace in Lausanne, Switzerland, announced a new addition with Cinq Mondes spa, courtesy of the Cinq Mondes brand from Paris. Designed by architect Alexandre Pierart from Suprem Architectures, the project approach was based on an initiatory journey of discovery, physical sensations and visual emotions.

“It is an invitation to a journey of the senses. Visitors discover a succession of soothing and mysterious spaces that stimulate the imagination. It is an intimate and enveloping place, with feminine and organic shapes. The soft curves and natural materials – stone, oak, gold, water – are enhanced by soft, golden light. The client’s path is dotted with architectural surprises inspired by art and nature. It is a poetic conception of space, matter and light that encourages contemplation and renewal,” Alexandre mused.

New features in this redesigned environment include an outstanding double room for the finest services, a newly updated relaxation room, and a yoga and meditation room that can accommodate group classes.

The new Cinq Mondes spa is part of the Wellness Experience concept that has been introduced by General Manager Nathalie Seiler-Hayez, whose overall spirit can be witnessed and experienced throughout the hotel in the spring of 2021.

The spa covers an area of more than 1,500sqm, boasting nine treatment rooms, a relaxation room, heat and water experience, as well as aqua-sensory areas, a fitness room, a yoga studio, two heated pools and a restaurant ­– all ensconced in a lush setting with a mesmerising lake view.

Cinq Mondes Spa

Beau-Rivage Palace

Place du Port 17/19

Lausanne 1000, Switzerland

T: (+41) 216133367

E: cinqmondes@brp.ch