Alcove at Caldwell House

An exquisite venue for intimate weddings and cozy events combining heritage and luxury, Alcove at Caldwell House is designed for romantic beginnings. In fact, the dome, Alcove’s most distinctive feature, still bears the original French inscription – Marche en ma presence et sois parfait, translated as “Walk with me and be perfect”, the most fitting banner for wedding celebrations. Fully committed to the art of Omotenashi, which is Japanese hospitality and attention to detail, Watabe Wedding will take care of everything from the venue to the wedding coordination, and with their new collaboration, the bride’s wedding dress and evening gown for her big day. Leading the design team in the collaboration is Singapore’s most sought-after designer, Jessicacindy Hartono, creative director of label Jessicacindy, who is known for her romantically intricate wedding and couture pieces. The collaboration label, titled Ethereal by Watabe Wedding and Jessicacindy, will feature the first collection of 31 different wedding and evening creations inspired by nature and the architecture of Chijmes Hall. The exclusive collection will be available at Alcove at Caldwell House and viewing is by appointment only.

Alcove at Caldwell House

30 Victoria Street

Singapore 187996

T: (+65) 6336 5320