Arva and Nama Add to Manhattan’s Exceptional Dining Scene

Aman New York introduces two new and noteworthy dining destinations.

The opening of Aman New York marks the launch of two signature Aman restaurants Arva and Nama, the first of their kind in North America. Helmed by Executive Chef Freddy Vargas, each restaurant offers a unique set of flavours to satiate discerning diners’ palates. The culinary team is further supported by the Director of Food & Beverage Operations Sumeet Jhingan and Executive Pastry Chef Jasmina Bojic.

Arva derives from a Latin word meaning cultivated land that evolved into an English word harvest. The restaurant draws inspiration from Italian tradition, cucina del raccolto (which means harvest cuisine), and pays homage to rustic Italian flavours. Led by Chef de Cuisine Dario Ossola, Arva uses only the finest, sustainably sourced, seasonal ingredients grown in gardens and local farms and fresh from the ocean. The result is comfort dishes ideal for sharing.

Meanwhile, on the other side, there’s Nama, a tribute to Aman’s Asian roots. The restaurant incorporates the principles of washoku – Japan’s culinary tradition recognised by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage – in creating the menu. In addition, Nama also pays attention to the importance of using only the finest seasonal ingredients available locally. Under the supervision of Chef de Cuisine Takuma Yonemaru, the kitchen team uses age-old preparation techniques, imbued by the locale.

Aman New York

The Crown Building

730 Fifth Avenue

New York 10019, United States

T: (+1) 6464595302