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Create Memories of A Lifetime at The Elephant Safari Park Hotel Lodge

Featuring all the trappings of a luxury boutique resort, the Elephant Safari Park Hotel Lodge is for everyone who enjoys peace and tranquility. Imagine being picked up from your room by an ‘Elephant Chauffeur’ or waking up to the sight of a herd of elephants making their way to play and bathe in a lake. Situated north of Ubud in the historic village of Taro, the park is located on 3.5 hectares of pristine tropical parklands and unspoiled national forest; majestic Sumatran elephants will act as personal valet, picking you up from your suite to enjoy a sumptuous meal at Mammoths Head Bar Terrace.
Or try an elephant trek through the surrounding forest, with yet another gourmet feast awaiting you at The Park Restaurant. Guests enjoy helping the elephants with their bathing rituals or feeding and petting them. The luxury 25 room safari style lodge offers a very rare opportunity to interact with one of their 30 Sumatran elephants while beautifully appointed accommodations and modern amenities such as the Safari Wellness Spa and top notch dining venues make for an unforgettable holiday. This spot is also perfect for destination events such as private parties and family reunions.

A Bali wedding and honeymoon is the ultimate romantic getaway, especially if atop a majestic elephant. The Elephant Safari Park has a certain romantic aura and mystery that makes it a special place for wedding couples. Imagine taking your vows at sunset under a traditional antique four post decorative Javanese joglo, a ceremonial pavilion featured in the palaces of royalty in central Java. Decorated with frangipani pillars and a rose-petal flower laden bridal aisle, the marble and stone purpose built Wedding Pavilion is positioned to feature a stunning background of the elephant park and can seat up to 40 guests. With the sun setting behind a beautifully carved white stone elephant altar and soaring commemorative wedding flags, this is one of the most spectacular ways to declare your wedding or commitment vows. Following your wedding ceremony, a candlelit romantic dinner for two is served in a privately appointed wedding gazebo.