China: Brilliant Resort & Spa Chongqing

In The Cradle Of Hot Spring Culture

Established in AD 423 in North Hot Springs Park, the cradle of the Chinese hot spring culture, the Brilliant Resort & Spa Chongqing is famous for its ancient grounds within a 1600-year-old hot spring temple. Situated adjacent to the legendary Jinyun Mountains and surrounded by a hot spring canyon, a verdant forest overlooks the Jialing River, as crystal clear water flows beneath at the foot of a spectacular gorge. Stunning architecture is present everywhere as the contemporary fusion with nature brings living trees into the building design and panoramic scenery is framed through every floor to ceiling glass window.

Hot Spring Spirituality

Imagine waking up every day to a morning bell within the Taoist inspired health sanctuary and ending your day to the sound of a traditional drum as mesmerizing purple rays highlight the soaring mountains and the great river below. With the reputation as one of the best hot springs in Asia, the ancient hot spring water source at Brilliant Resort & Spa feeds into 26 hot spring pools, each featuring unique styles and functions. Think flowers, majestic trees, aromatherapy, colorful fish and authentic Chinese therapies where meandering streams help to calm the mind, heal the body and free your spirit.

Built during the Ming and Qing dynasties, the resort’s hot springs are cleverly found throughout the property from the mountains and forests to bridges and hidden caves. Zigzagging walkways guide you through a myriad of flowers and plants to therapy pools of all shapes and sizes. At the Source Pool, the pool is named after the source of Buddhism, water for all things. Spring water gushes out and gathers here, allowing you to absorb nature in its purest form. In one of the Fragrance Pools, rose petals and essential oils combine with the hot spring water as you are immersed in a romantic ambience found nowhere else on earth.

The Spa Life

With 31 spa suites and villas, featuring polished wood, marble flooring and original Chinese art adorning the walls, the resort has a definite air of peace and calm. All accommodation have outdoor terraces with their own private hot spring bath. The River View Deluxe Duplex Suite is generous in size at 228 M2 with two levels. Decorated in a boutique Southeast Asian style, teakwood furnishings and flooring create a relaxing retreat filled with warmth. With tremendous views over the Jialing River and at the foot of Jinyun Mountain, you will find yourself secluded within a tranquil forest garden surrounded by bamboo and trees that are several hundred years old. The suite has an indoor hot spring pool, outdoor hot spring pool and a swimming pool.

Based on the life energy source to balance Yin and Yang and to explore ancient Chinese medical secrets, the SPA combines the traditional Chinese Five Elements with western aromatherapy, while also incorporating theories based on physical energy channels, yoga, diet and the culture of Chinese Teaism – where the art of tea is more than a drink or ceremony, but understood and practiced to foster harmony in humanity and nature. Enjoy life-enhancing spa treatments within the privacy of your own suite including acupuncture, deep tissue massage, reflexology and tui na massage. Be sure to ask the expert SPA team to help you create a custom program during your stay.

Aimed to balance the health of human body and psyche, the SPA’s yoga program offers Riverview Yoga, Forest Yoga and Hot Spring Yoga. With the goal of helping you to regain vitality through meditation and stretching, guests move to soft music and the natural rhythm of the resort’s calming environment.

Asian Fusion

Combining the allure of both Chinese and Japanese inspired cuisine, the resort’s restaurants are located on the lowest level of the hotel’s main building overlooking beautifully landscaped gardens. With stunning views down to the river and a passion for healthy eating where each dish contains a special health philosophy, Jia Ling Xuan serves exquisite Chinese favorites as well as vintage wines from their extensive cellar. A contemporary, yet traditional Japanese restaurant, Teppansu is designed to offer two unique styles of Japanese cuisine. The menu reflects regional Japanese dishes utilizing the freshest market produce and ingredients hand-picked by sought after growers and delicately cooked on Teppanyaki counters. Behind the bar, chefs prepare premium sushi and sashimi. A wide variety of sake from boutique distilleries is the perfect accompaniment to all offerings.