Burnt Ends

Founded by Chef-Owner Dave Pynt, Burnt Ends is one of the hardest tables to book in Singapore. Located in Dempsey Hill, Singapore, the restaurant serves modern Australian barbecue cooked in a custom-made brick oven that heats up to more than 1,700 degrees. Australian chef Pynt counts his time in Spain, cooking with wood grill and ovens, under Victor Arguinzoniz of Asador Etxebarri, as his most formative.

Awarded one Michelin star in 2018, the restaurant is built around a four-tonne, two-brick kiln and with custom grills inspired by Basque institution Asador Etxebarri. Burnt Ends is all about simple, top-quality produce cooked on a wood fire. On the menu, you’ll find flatiron steak with burnt onion and bone marrow, Western Australian marron (similar to a langoustine) with tobiko and kombu beurre blanc, and grilled leeks with hazelnut and black truffle. There’s no fuss or fanfare around the food – every morsel has been touched by the flame and the ingredients speak for themselves. 


  • Long counter bar seats to watch the action upfront
  • Michelin-starred modern Australian barbecue
  • Burnt Ends Sanger

Burnt Ends