Bvlgari introduces iconic B.zero1 labyrinth Ring

Initially launched in 1999, the B.zero1 ring has dazzled and captivated countless admirers in its many forms and subsequent reincarnations. Continually pushing the boundary of design, the iconic ring is a study in the exploration of materials and artistic identity.

The latest in the illustrious line-up of the B.zero1 ring is the B.zero1 Labyrinth, a ring inspired by the legendary Colosseum. An Italian icon and masterpiece, the Colosseum is an architectural masterpiece, a fitting subject for the eminent B.zero1 line-up. Dreamt up by Bvlgari’s ingenious designers, the B.zero1 Labyrinth ring features elegant spirals of gold, with the limited-edition version featuring pave diamonds. The dazzling and elegant curvatures featured in the ring’s wavy form are reminiscent of the legendary Italian architectural masterpieces that inspired the collection.

The new signature B.zero1 ring is also accompanied by matching cuff earrings, bracelets available in black or white ceramic, as well as hoop earrings boasting the iconic spiral in rose gold.