Camera Culture

Can there be any region on earth more obsessed with photography than Southeast Asia? From smartphones to the highest grade cameras, we are surely the world’s most photo-crazy people, and with the advances in digital and phone technology, photo-gadgets and apps it is getting even crazier!

The coolest digital rangefinder yet?  Leica M-P

The latest of this year’s cool new introductions is the next generation of the Leica M rangefinder camera. It might look like a casual piece of equipment (and that’s the point), but with it, Leica strips photography back to the essentials and delivers a tool of serious creativity for professionals and amateurs alike. Rangefinder-style cameras are definitely in vogue. Not only does this evolution of the highly prized Leica M look terrific, it’s also very discreet. The camera boasts exceptional image quality and sharpness. With its 24-megapixel, high-resolution, full-frame sensor, excellent low noise performance and the Maestro image processor, the M-P is able to produce outstanding pictures even in poor light. Complemented by a range of world-beating lenses, the Leica M-P is available in black or a more traditional silver-chrome version.


So you want to capture and share high quality images?  

Sony has teamed up once again with the legendary Carl Zeiss to present the DSC-QX100 zoom lens – the world’s first pro-grade lens and sensor combo for your smartphone. It clips securely and directly over your phone’s existing lens and represents a huge step up in optical quality. This option might suit you better than a separate camera, especially if instant connectivity is required to share your high quality images.  It is very easy to use – just clip it on, pair it up, open the app and your smartphone becomes the camera’s LCD viewfinder.


Alternative Fuji X100T 

Launched in September 2014, in time for Christmas, the X100T is the latest development of the X100 series, the fabulous rangefinder with a global reputation and following


Best ever small camera?

Many camera buffs and professionals reviewers are raving about the new Sony RX100M3. Like its predecessor, it is a superb all-round performer, but with some key improvements. With a Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T zoom lens giving 2.9x zoom plus 11x digital zoom, the range is excellent. The improved optical zoom quality is more in line with a pro lens than a camera of this size, and now with F1.8 at 24mm and built-in image stabilisation it is an even better low light performer. The 20.9 megapixel sensor is powered by the legendary Bionz X chip, completing a package that means Sony’s stylish handbag-sized camera makes impressive photographs in everyone’s reach.


Alternative Olloclip

Many smartphones are capable of taking fantastic images. But now, with Olloclip, you can get even more functionality by using its all-in-one collection of four high quality clip-on camera lenses. Mounting the Olloclip could not be easier – just slip it over the existing lens and enjoy the fisheye, with almost 180-degree view, 10x and 15x macro for extreme close ups and a wide-angle lens for groups or scenes.