Captivating Couture

Follow the mesmerising journey of style and grace as Happy Salma, acclaimed Indonesian actor, author and producer, effortlessly embodies the allure of timeless flair.

Model: Happy Salma (@happysalma)
Photographer: Jacky Suharto (@jackysuhartophotography)
Make-up: Emma Kristyono (@emmakristyono)
Hair: Kety (@diazkety)
Stylist: Rical Ardani (@ricalardani)
Location: Jumeirah Bali (@jumeirahbali)

Blazer, Shoes & Bag: DIOR (@dior)
Jewellery: TULOLA (@TULOLAdesigns)

Dress & Shoes: Jeffry Tan (@jeffrytan)
Jewellery: Tulola (@tuloladesigns)

Shirt, Skirt & Shoes: Valentino (@valentino)
Jewellery: Tulola (@tuloladesigns)

Shirt, Belt & Pants: Celine (@celine)
Jewellery: Tulola (@tuloladesigns)

Dress, Scarf & Shoes: Fendi (@fendi)
Jewellery: Tulola (@tuloladesigns)

Asia Dreams Volume 51