Chanba Private Room Grill


Located in the heart of Jakarta’s booming culinary district, Chanba Private Room Grill is another contender to becoming the city’s favourite dining spot. Taking its name from the Japanese word for chamber, the restaurant offers a private sanctuary for diners to enjoy their meals in their own comfortable space.

Stepping inside the restaurant, guests are transported into a Japanese village with its clean lines and neutral colour palette. Meanwhile, in each chamber, a smokeless grill is the main star to take you on a spotless culinary journey.

Chanba prides itself in serving only the best ingredients. The menu is filled with premium cuts ranging from wagyu beef, to chicken and seafood. For a small group, the restaurant offers platters that can feed up to five people. Taking its inspiration from Japanese cuisine, the appetiser section is adorned with all-time favourites which include edamame, chicken nanban, gyoza, sliced beef katsu and pork sando. Meanwhile, for someone looking to have a quick bite, the donburi section is great with choices of gyutan, saikoro, katsu
and seafood.

More than just an ordinary eatery, Chanba Private Room Grill also provides in-house entertainment that you can enjoy with your loved ones. Fully equipped with Smart TVs and karaoke machines, the restaurant aims to be a one-stop destination for food connoisseurs in the city.

Always placing everyone’s safety as high priority, each room is disinfected and sanitised after every use. A special seal will appear on every door after every procedure to create a worry-free experience for guests.   


  • Chanba Signature Platter
  • Garlic Butter Fried Rice
  • Apple Pie Gyoza

Chanba Private Room Grill