Chef’s Table at Olivier

Occasionally, chefs and F&B executives alike are given the chance to unwind, dine and socialise during a “chef’s night out” and treated with an everlasting flow of beers and exquisite wine, paired with delectable meals and dessert. On February 15th 2016, Olivier hosted about 30 prominent Chefs and F&B Executives from upscale restaurants as well as hotels established in the capital including; Gilles Marx – Chef Founder of Amuz, Rolf Knecht – Executive Chef of Grand Hyatt and Stephane Galibert – the  new executive chef of Immigrant. Guests were served a delicious array of snacks followed by two main courses to choose from, washed down with Bordeaux wine or beers. The “Chef’s Table” is said to be held every month at different intimate, stylish and comfortable venues where personalities pillaring the Food and Beverage industry in Jakarta can mingle, introduce themselves and take a little break from the kitchen.