Chez Gado Gado



The team at Chez Gado Gado restaurant, in Bali’s beachside resort enclave of Seminyak, is as inspired and multicultural as the restaurant’s interiors, history, and assorted menus are rich.

To help you further accessorize the perfect sunset, make sure to pencil in Chez Gado Gado’s Daily Cocktail Specials; including Martini Mondays, Three for Thursdays – for just Rp. 180,000 – Frozen Fridays, and Sangria Saturdays and Sundays. For the island’s most refreshing beer, Bali Hai Hefeweizen is readily on tap to soothe and revitalize after a long day in the sun. The restaurant’s team of mixologists never fail to come up with innovative drink ideas. To start your evening off right, try one of their new throat-tickling Ginger Mojitos, a zesty Spicy Sunset (citrus and chili), Gado Gado on the Beach, or a Gin Smash.

After cocktail hour, you’ll be ready to sample Chez Gado Gado’s world-renowned cuisine. Chef Quibb’s own Signature Menu now offers a five-course selection from the best of his world famous à la carte masterpieces. Don’t be shy to start off with a big bang: try Chef Quibb’s masterful take on the local gado gado – a rich and diverse medley of vegetables and flavorful sauces including peanut sauce.  Though the menu changes every few weeks, quality and surprise are constant, and the five-course set menu includes a 20% discount on a bottle of wine – to be enjoyed against the sun’s fading hues against the magnificent backdrop of the Indian Ocean.

Always open to delighting guests, special entrées are known to appear, such as large, succulent scallops – a popular special that was so energetically embraced by loyal diners that they that are now being drafted to the menu. And as for the roasted pork, known locally as babi guling, one of Bali’s most sought after delicacies, the positive feedback from guests has fastened it to the history of this iconic Seminyak establishment.

While its backbone is Balinese, the casual, fine-dining ambience of Chez Gado Gado was aptly named after a very mixed up and tasty local dish – and its mascot aptly, a golden seahorse. The ingenuity and playful creations of Chef Quib from Holland, the pairings of specialist Sommelier Felipe from Chile, and the expertise of Balinese Sous Chef Made Astawa find their harmonies in this inspired, seaside setting that glitters with designs likewise coming from the four corners of the globe – all in the name of good taste.