Double-Six Rooftop

The United Flavours of Satay

There’s much more to this glitzy rooftop bar, lounge and grill than just being one of the coolest sundown joints in Bali.


The Double-Six Rooftop, with its splendid 270-degree panoramic ocean view and space for around 1,200 people, sits on top of the Double-Six Luxury Hotel and is an outrageously popular sunset and cocktail venue. But, as first-time guests quickly discover, there’s much more to this glitzy rooftop bar, lounge and grill than just being one of the coolest sundown joints in Bali.

Open from 3PM until 10:30PM, it’s a fun place with a great atmosphere and offers a choice of quality food and drinks to enjoy. Furnishings are really comfortable and, like the décor, edge towards being minimalist. The interior design is dominated by several lavish features, such as the massive shark tank near the lifts, the elevated 5-metre circular fire pit grill in the centre and the smooth low-level wooden-backed seating pods surrounded by water that overlook the ocean.

Set more or less in the centre of the venue, chefs in the raised fire pit cook up a range of quality meat, seafood and vegetarian dishes. To the side is a long, sweeping bar where creative, locally inspired cocktails emerge and are whisked to your table as if by magic. Aside from cocktails, there is a stunning drinks menu featuring champagnes, wines, beers and a very impressive spirits selection.
Promotions like the Two for TDay or Pre-Party with Patron Spirits give any night a flying start. On Tuesdays and Thursdays between 7PM and 9PM, buy one drink and get the next free from the extensive selection, whilst on Fridays and Saturdays all Patron Spirits are half price between 8PM and 9PM.

On Tuesdays there’s a Double-Six bonus with LIVE, your weekly fix of the best live jazz, funk and blues starting at 7PM in association with Solemen Indonesia, an Indonesian registered non-profit. Performed on the raised stage in front of the shark tank, it’s a fantastic time to take advantage of the Two for TDay and help some of the most disadvantaged people in Bali – so get your dancing shoes on!

Whether you are there for sunset or later in the evening, the chefs turn out some great bar food. Try the Mini Sliders, the Japanese Crumbed Lemon Chicken or, like me, be swayed by the enticing aroma from the fire pit grill and choose something from the United Flavours of Satay, the impressive range of signature satays grilled over wood and coconut shells.

From the United Flavours of Satay, tempting plates such as the Italian skewered lamb served on a bed of rosemary with spearmint and lemon sauce and marinated Wagyu beef in spices with lime and spring onion dressing will battle it out with Bali organic chicken and Mexican fish for your attention. But, for me at least, the Rockefeller, a mix of slipper lobster and scallops topped with caviar and a fluffy lemon sauce, just had to be the one! Paired with a delicious Bawah Tanah daiquiri, it was time to relax and enjoy the fabulous smooth jazz of The Marcus Williams Experience.

Covering a massive 1,700 sq.m., Double-Six Rooftop stands as one of the world’s most capacious rooftop bars. It’s also one of the hottest event venues on the island for international guest DJs and social events.

There really is a lot to shout about at Rooftop. The location, the menu, the stunning view, the massive shark tank, the funky grooves, live music, drinks promotions and the excellent service provided by the sparkling staff combine to create something very special.