Elite Dolby Atmos® Receivers

Talk about opening up your home to a new world of sound! Pioneer’s new Elite SC-89 receiver for Dolby Atmos, along with its new Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers offers unrivalled home–sound quality and depth.

Dolby Atmos® is regarded as one of the most significant home entertainment innovations since the launch of Dolby Digital surround sound in the 1990s. It adds height to the sonic landscape and creates a 3D, multi-dimensional space that fully immerses the listener. Played through Atmos-enabled speakers like the new Elite Home Theatre Speaker System, movies created in Dolby Atmos® simply come alive.

Dolby Atmos® also brings new life to traditional soundtracks, delivering the full impact like never before. The latest Dolby Atmos® Elite AV receivers continue the Pioneer tradition of bringing state-of-the-art home theatre technology into your home before others even know it’s there.