Fitness to Follow

It’s fantastic to live in an era where we can do all kinds of exercise from the comfort of our own living rooms. We have listed five popular fitness YouTube channels that you might want to follow to get a healthier and fitter physique.

Chloe Ting

With 8.67 million subscribers and counting on her YouTube channel it’s an understatement to say Chloe Ting is pretty popular. She has gained endless followers thanks to her varied workout rituals that target different parts of the body, so you can choose if you want to focus on abs, thighs, and so on. Most of her workout videos are around 10 minutes long and are ideal to mix and match. Head to her website to find the combination of exercises that works best for your needs. Chloe even has healthy recipes and meal prep tips on her YouTube channel to complement your workouts.

Joanna Soh

Fitness enthusiasts are surely familiar with Joanna Soh. She’s an ACE-certified Personal Trainer, nutrition coach and NASM-certified Women’s Fitness Specialist, and has been in the industry for more than a decade. Her YouTube channel offers workout videos and ideas, as well as nutrition tips and advice on healthy eating, including recipes that make eating healthy easy. She doesn’t disregard guilty pleasures like late-night snacks, she just gives them a healthier twist. Check out her tip videos.


MadFit is a popular YouTube channel created by Maddie Lymburner, who started a healthier lifestyle by living the vegan/plant-based lifestyle for her own sake, before deciding to spread awareness to a larger audience. She published the ebook The Wholesome Eats Cookbook, comprising her go-to recipes that she has created and tested over six years. While MadFit offers an extensive selection of workout videos for different strengths and needs, you can also subscribe to Maddie’s other channel under her full name to get inspired recipes and healthy eating ideas.


POPSUGAR Fitness stems from popular lifestyle website The fitness subcategory gained such popularity, that it started its own dedicated YouTube channel. The channel offers fresh fitness tutorials, workout rituals and exercise ideas that can help the audience to live healthier, lose weight or even relieve stress. POPSUGAR Fitness offers many categories to choose from, including Class FitSugar hosted by Anna Renderer, who will inspire you to sweat alongside fitness experts and Hollywood’s hottest celebrity trainers. Fun classes include the Victoria’s Secret workout, Tabata, P90X and more.

The Fitness Marshall

If dancing fabulously and strutting your stuff are more your forte, then you will love The Fitness Marshall. Created by Caleb Marshall – the channel’s namesake, The Fitness Marshall has been honing his dancing skills and personal style from an early age. He combines his passion for choreography and dance with his knack for video production. By sharing dancing tutorials to popular songs, The Fitness Marshall proves that working out can be fun.