For The Love of Water

People have always had a very intimate relationship with water. Like no other element, it touches us, it inspires us, it accompanies us wherever we go – whether that be out in nature or simply at home. This high esteem in which we hold water is now expressed by Hansa, with fittings that are not just high-quality, functional and long-lasting, but which make water something to be appreciated, to be shaped, to be experienced.

The HANSA|EDITION has established a family of mixers which implement these requirements to a premium standard. Each of the designer mixers in the HANSA|EDITION are a work of great artistic creation, ones that tell a story whilst also fulfilling their strict functional role: to provide water.

Each one is its own personality and sets the scene for water in its own, unmistakable way. Each one combines technological innovation with sensuality and a lot of emotion. They embody the standard that the brand defines and – in its purest form – the philosophy that they stand for, which is for everyone to experience water.

Developed especially for the HANSA|EDITION fittings, a collection of cast mineral washbasins complements the fittings whilst also maintaining their design principles. As a holistic solution, fully integrated and each completely harmonious, the exclusive combinations make a clear commitment that is counter to the ordinary, to the arbitrary and to the careless.

Sacco is a legend in the world of car design. He learned his trade at the Carozzeris‘ Ghia and Pininfarina before he directed the design department of Daimler-Benz from 1987 to 1999. Since 2001, Bruno Sacco has worked for Hansa as an integral consultant for the unique designs.

Reinhard Zetsche founded the renowned Munich design consultancy Octopus-Design after graduation. Together with Bruno Sacco, he was awarded numerous design prizes for the series HANSAMURANO and HANSACANYON. The HANSALATRAVA is the latest design object resulting from this successful collaboration.