Freedom of Expression

As one of Bali’s most prominent fashion designers and a global citizen, Paul Ropp well understands the needs of fashionable travellers. Born in Brooklyn and having travelled the world extensively, he takes his inspiration from the colourful flower power era in the 60s and his travels around Asia. His designs are easily recognisable by their striking patterns and bold colours.

Known for its exquisite materials and hand-sewn details, the namesake brand is launching a new collection to welcome the new decade. Exquisite silk and sheer chiffons are the mainstays in this collection, which are perfect for a daytime beach party or even a formal gala event. Always aiming to make the wearer feel extra special and chic at the same time, Paul Ropp’s create clothes accentuate femininity and bring out the beauty from within. For the guys, Paul Ropp specifically designs clothes for an individual who likes to be well dressed, showing a high level of sophistication in a trend-setting way.

With more than 40 years in the industry, each of his creations is always a conversational piece. Paul Ropp believes in boundless freedom, where life is not limited to social constraints, fashion trends or general expectations. Using nature as his muse, Paul Ropp creates clothes that are not only wearable but that can also  become heirloom treasures.

Paul Ropp garments are made to put a smile on your face, to liberate your soul, and enlighten your senses. Paul Ropp is a statement of joy and elation in all senses of the word.

Asia Dreams February – April 2020