Hello Wixcode!

Introducing the ultimate business solution for the new era. 

As the world is going more and more digital, Wixcode is here to simplify your business. A customer-focused company, Wixcode provides businesses in the service industry with a high-tech system utilizing QR codes. Catering specifically to restaurants, bars, cafes and more, Wixcode supports a heightened level of convenience for both business owners and their customers. With just a simple scan, customers can see digital menus, make direct orders and pay using their smartphones.

Wixcode can also help to save time with additional features that include online reservation, service calling, mobile ordering, and direct billing sent directly to the customers’ emails.

The service industry is a thriving one and Wixcode enhances diners’ experience with ease. With years of experience streamlining the F&B industry, this new improved system is committed to providing a full service.

For more info or enquiries, contact Wixcode directly at (+62) 87811688999 or (+62) 81238487999.