Inspirational Mother Nature

Focusing on natural resources, women empowerment and environmental sustainability, BOEMI BOTANICALS offers an extensive line of personal care products that are meticulously crafted with health and wellbeing in mind. The brand uses ancient family recipes that have been passed down for generations to create natural heritage products that ensure healthy, detoxified skin. 

The name BOEMI is rooted from two Indonesian words, bumi (earth) and oemi (woman), two essential pillars for the brand. The products are derived from natural, plant-based ingredients that are beneficial for cleansing, moisturising, covering up blemishes, as well as treating minor skin conditions. BOEMI BOTANICALS’ wide selection includes shampoo, body soap, conditioner, body oil, body butter and body scrub, enhanced with natural scents of Kesturi, Tanabasa, Aroma Terapi, Senja and Rempah. 

When it comes to women empowerment, BOEMI BOTANICALS tries to implement an all-women employee policy to express its commitment to building a business to empower the community, especially for women’s welfare. 

Get to know more about the brand and its products by visiting its newest heritage nature store in Bali, where you can support the Refill and Recycling Programme by returning the empty product bottles or bringing your own bottles to be filled by BOEMI products.