InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa

InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa

The Ultimate In Waterfront Weddings

Expectations of a picturesque wedding in the tropics are often exceeded at InterContinental’s Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa. The reason being, this luxury hotel was one of the first to move onto the idyllic island of Bora Bora, meaning they were able to secure one of the most beautiful spots around. The entire resort is perched on a coral island on the barrier reef, and each of its 80 breezy villas literally rest over the water, standing on stilts between the ocean and the lagoon.

Forming the perfect stage for a fairytale wedding, the resort teems with romance under the tropical sun and stars. You can choose to marry on the resort’s dazzling private beach or on a nearby islet for a traditional Polynesian wedding, or you can opt for something a little bit different at the resort’s unique glass-bottom Blue Lagoon Chapel.

Understanding that some couples might not want a wholly Polynesian wedding, the glass-bottom Chapel is the perfect mix of a white-wedding chapel, finished with the best bits that paradise has to offer.

With fish beneath your feet, this stunning venue will be gorgeously decorated with local flowers that are scattered from the outside of the Chapel right down to the altar, framed by the aquarium-like waters beneath.

The setting is undoubtably ready to make your wedding an unforgettable day, so to organise the finishing touches, the resort provides their team of professional wedding planners to perfect each and every detail.

You can wholly customise your wedding if you choose, or you can opt for one of the resort’s packages that tick off everything you might need.

The Deep Blue Package (priced from 348,809 XPF) is the package associated with the Blue Lagoon Chapel wedding, and it begins with some prenuptial pampering at the glorious Deep Ocean Spa to calm any last minute wedding nerves you may have.

The spa is a haven of tranquility, where you can bathe with your loved one in a deep aromatherapy bath to wash away any pre-wedding stresses. A radiance facial then uses deep sea water drawn from the abysses of the South Pacific to reveal your bridal glow, making use of the water’s extreme purity and abundance of minerals. You are then lulled into a state of true relaxation with a couples’ relaxing body massage, before the spa’s facilities are open to you and your soon-to-be to enjoy for half a day.

With your mind, body and soul connected to the gentle energy of the Pacific ocean, you are finally ready to exchange your vows.

Dressed in either a traditional Polynesian Pareo robe or in your own gorgeous dress, the wedding organiser will escort you from your private ocean bungalow to the breathtaking over-the-water glass bottom Chapel.

A stunning backdrop of aquamarine perfection meets the emerald green ridges of “Mount Otemanu” in the distance. Mystical sounds of Polynesian singing, ukeleles and traditional Pu (a horn made from a shiny seashell) fill the air, while colourful dancers welcome you both into the divine Chapel and towards the altar.

The Master of Ceremony will then unify your marriage with a subtle blend of Polynesian and Western traditions, like dressing you in flower necklaces and crowns as a sign of your union, while you exchange your vows just as you would in a traditional chapel.?The Priest then baptises you both with Polynesian names and grants you with your precious wedding certificate.?

Leaving the chapel as newlyweds, dancers embrace you in a traditional “Tifaifai” (a Polynesian wedding quilt) as a symbol of your unity, before closing the ceremony with an awe-inspiring dance show.

You are then guided back to your flower-filled villa, where you can celebrate your love on the bungalow’s terrace over a bottle of Champagne and a delicious wedding cake.

Whatever your choice of ceremony, the resort can provide and organise all of the on-the-side touches to complete the perfect day. Professional hair and make-up can be on hand to make you truly glow, while your bouquet, decorative flowers, photographer and videographer are all taken care of.

You can also choose to add fire dancers, Tahitian dance shows and presents for your guests to make the entire day that little bit more lavish.

After so much celebrating, the Deep Blue Package lets you totally unwind again with a romantic dinner on the beach. The experienced chefs will design the perfect cocktail dinner for you, your family and friends, served under the stars on the hotel’s private beach. The four-course gourmet dinner is accompanied by a bottle of Champagne, so you can toast to your perfect day in a perfect paradise.