Jacky Suharto

Jacky Suharto


Jacky Suharto – more familiarly known as Jaysu – established JAYSU Photography in January 2002. With an unrivalled passion for photography from the get-go, Jacky honed his skills through shooting and experimenting, dedicating himself to fashion and wedding photography for 12 years before founding JAYSU Photography.

JAYSU Photography is an independent photography and videography company, focusing on wedding, fashion and portrait photography. With a team of multi-talented professionals who are passionate about their work – from wedding photographers and videographers, to editors and a stylist – you can’t go wrong with JAYSU Photography.

The team, which is driven by unmatched motivation to keep learning and to excel, aims to deliver its work tailored specifically for each client – paying meticulous attention to personalised details.

With high demand from the nation’s beautiful people and VIPs, Jacky leads a dynamic and colourful life, where he gets to travel to gorgeous destinations, both in Indonesia and abroad. In between photography and spending quality time with his loving family, he likes to roam the city or wander around other cities on his motorcycle or scooter. And if he’s not on his two-wheeled vehicle, he likes to skateboard to refresh his mind and unwind.


As the bride- and groom-to-be, be sure to look carefully at the photographer’s portfolio.

Learn more about the photographer from the testimonials of past clients, wedding organisers, or friends and acquaintances.


Overlook the chemistry you have with the photographer. On D Day, the photographer will be in your private space, so you have to feel comfortable.

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