For the ultimate in bathroom luxury and relaxation, the logica twin system from italian designer effegibi combines the best of finnish saunas with turkish hammams, creating a steam experience unlike any other.

Finnish and Turkish culture are rarely considered similar, but one of the things they both hold as quite important is the use of water and steam for relaxation and cleansing. For the Finnish people, saunas are not simply a luxury, but a necessity. In Finland there is, on average, one sauna for every man, woman and child in the country and most Finns take a steam at least twice a week. Traditional Turkish baths, or hammams, still play a large role in the community, not just as a place to relax and refresh but to socialise as well.

If you are looking to imbue your next bathroom project with something truly unique that not only taps into both of these cultural heritages but brings them into the 21st century, Italian designer Effegibi is a company that specialises in made-to-measure saunas and Turkish baths. Its latest creation, the Logica Twin, combines the best of both of these in an elegant and high-tech setup.  The practical design makes it possible to move from the sauna to the Turkish bath via a space fitted with a shower head, utilising water to bring together these two hallowed traditions.

The natural materials used to create this combination come together in a practical, understated style, making Logica Twin a thing of beauty. The hammam is fitted with the high-tech Aquasteam steam generator, with touch screen controls and a built-in spring creating a system that is utterly intuitive.

The designers considered every detail of Logica Twin, creating a product with an extremely elegant, refined design. Meticulous attention to detail and a creative selection of components and fittings allow the space to be used to its full potential. Top-quality Canadian Hemlock wood and laminated grès porcelain are the two raw materials used in the Logica Twin. Natural materials such as stone and marble follow the hammam tradition, which is reinterpreted in the Logica Twin in the form of expertly worked surfaces in laminated grès porcelain that create a pleasant warm, natural feeling against the naked body. Hemlock is the material of choice for Finnish saunas.

This knot-free wood combines clean lines with extreme strength and flexibility. These natural elements, fitted into a painted aluminum framework, give Logica Twin a look of understated luxury.

Logica Twin has been designed to be practical and easy to use. The materials combine into a design conceived for maximum functionality, with a central column containing the touch screen controls for the sauna, the hammam and the shower. The play of light created by the RGB LED lighting with colour therapy help to create a uniquely calming and entrancing sensory experience. In line with the Effegibi philosophy, all components are high-tech but completely intuitive and user-friendly.

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