Kovee VR Theme Park

Be prepared to be amazed when visiting Kovee VR Theme Park. This is the largest virtual reality theme park in Indonesia offering a variety of entertainment and education. Using VR, or virtual reality, technology, users interact in a computer-simulated environment that would otherwise only exist in their imagination. In addition to exciting activities, and bringing a dose of reality and education, there is also a learning facility where kids can solve solutions that occur during emergencies or natural disasters.

The vast park is packed with entertainment from the worlds of imagination; enjoy world-famous Korean content like Mortal Blitz, Beat Saber, VRakers and much more. Take a selfie wearing Korea’s traditional dress, the Hanbok, watch K-Pop and K-Drama right in front of your eyes, and have fun with the newest K-Game releases. How much fun is that!

Kovee VR Theme Park


Jalan Let. Jend. S. Parman

Jakarta 11470, Indonesia

T: (+62) 2150100791

E: koveejaya@gmail.com


Asia Dreams August – October 2019