Syahreza Ishwara- General Manager at Anantara Ubud Bali Resort

Leading with Humility
Syahreza Ishwara- General Manager At Anantara Ubud Bali Resort

A seasoned hotelier with decades of experience, Syahreza Ishwara is now the ringleader at Anantara Ubud Bali Resort. After years managing five-star properties abroad, the award-winning leader is now back home in Indonesia. We got the chance to spend the day with him to understand why being part of the pre-opening team of a grand-scale property is exciting for him.


Q: First of all, welcome home! How is it being back in Indonesia after years of living abroad?

A: It is obviously very exciting after more than 20 years of being away, finally I can come back to my home country of Indonesia to build the soon-to-be Anantara flagship resort in Bali. I have always loved Bali, especially its culture and traditions.

Q: Can you share what made you decide to move home?

A: After more than 20 years abroad, I decided it is time for me to come back and share my knowledge and experience, and to help develop young hoteliers in Indonesia. 

Q: Anantara Ubud Bali Resort is a brand-new property, in your own words, what can you tell us about the concept and what guests can look forward to when staying at the resort?

A: A graceful, tropical sanctuary hidden deep in an untouched forest, Anantara Ubud Bali Resort invites guests to experience healing moments of serene contemplation while making enriching discoveries that foster a connection to the Balinese way of life.

Q: It is always exciting and challenging at the same time to be part of a pre-opening team. How do you feel about leading the pre-opening team of a gorgeous property like Anantara Ubud Bali Resort, and how important are these early stages of development?

A: The hospitality industry is a people business, finding the right local talent to work together and learn from each other to open Anantara Ubud Bali Resort is the prime foundation. It is always exciting for me to develop a rural area, especially in Desa Puhu, Payangan, Bali.

Q: Your background also shows an enviable track record in the food and beverage industry. Can we expect more attention from you in terms of the hotel’s F&B operations?

A: Absolutely! We are currently working passionately to launch authentic regional Indonesian cuisine and create culinary experiences like no other. Please stay tuned for more culinary offerings from us at Anantara Ubud Bali Resort.

Q: How would you describe your management style?

A: As part of the Minor Hotels I believed in five values, which are customer focus, result-oriented, people development, innovation and partnership.

Q: As a seasoned hotelier, could you share the highlights of your career
so far?

A: In 2016, I received Minor Award of Excellent for extraordinary efforts and was also the only Indonesian general manager to work outside of Indonesia. And now? I am happy that I am part of the opening of Anantara Ubud Bali Resort. 

Q: Now that you are back in Indonesia, what goals do you have for the resort?

A: To place Anantara Ubud Bali Resort on the world map and to be recognised by top world-renowned accolades, and to introduce Indonesian cuisine to the world. 

Q: Where do you imagine yourself being if you hadn’t started a career in the hospitality industry? 

A: As a lawyer! I have always been passionate about law, and I even went to law school before ending up working in hospitality.

Q: Last but not least, what advice can you give to budding hoteliers and hospitality professionals trying to make it big in the industry?

A: Young hoteliers who are trying to make it big in this industry need to have passion and the will to keep learning. There are many aspects to learn and know in this field, so it is important to be consistent if you want to achieve that goal. Lastly, do everything with humility and be fully dedicated.

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