Love is a circle

Engagement rings and weddings bands are symbols of a husband and wife’s eternal devotion to one another, so choosing the right one is a decision you should spend a long time thinking about. Here are a few of the most popular rings from two of jewellery’s most storied brands.


The Tiffany Setting ring debuted in 1886 but the sophisticated six-prong solitaire still embodies the line Audrey Hepburn wrote in a letter to Tiffany & Co. on the occasion of the company’s 150th birthday: “Class doesn’t age.” And, like Ms. Hepburn herself, the Tiffany Setting, created to show off the brilliance of the stone it holds, has become an icon for its understated yet formal presence.


”The Lucida’s square diamond, with its high step-cut crown and proud, wide corners, makes for a stunning presentation. The sweeping lines of the exclusive Lucida setting hold the stone with consummate grace and respect. Lucida has a passionate following among those who prefer the brilliance of a diamond with a large table.


Tiffany Bezet, one of the jeweller’s newer engagement ring designs, appeals to the trendsetter and classicist alike with its interpretation of the traditional bezel setting in shapes including heart, pear and round. The bezel-set profile sits closer to the hand, following the contours of a diamond to accentuate its shape and beauty.