Luna Negra




Luna Negra is truly a hidden gem. Elegantly classic and boldly cosmopolitan, Luna Negra is the perfect place to dine in relaxed style. Picture you and a handful of your closest friends laughing and sipping Lychee Martinis while delighting in a mixed seafood antipasto as you wait for your favorite homemade Italian dishes to come to life. A house DJ spins just the right sounds to suit the mood. In the distance, Kuta Beach comes to life as the sun sinks beneath the water and the sky melts into a hot pink heaven. Or maybe you just want to sit down at the 1950’s New York style bar, and order yourself a shot of Gold Label whisky, or one of the other 39 available brands, while watching your favorite sports channel. Spend an afternoon in the shade, taking in the sights, sounds and fresh air while sitting on the deck as you enjoy one of Luna Negra’s set lunch menus, such as the ‘Fresh and Guilt Free’ menu offering a delectable Octopus salad with potatoes and olives and a smoked beef carpaccio with rucola and shaved Parmesan, among others. No matter the occasion, Luna Negra offers only the best, sparing no cost when it comes to creating the most succulent, savory and authentic dining experiences. That being said, in a world where you get what you pay for, Luna Negra is worth every penny.

Offering a range of Italian, Asian and international cuisine, Luna Negra takes pride in big portions with even bigger quality, meaning each ingredient and dish is carefully thought out and meticulously put together. Italian dishes are 100% authentic with classic ingredients like tomatoes, mozzarella and salami all imported straight from Italy, not to mention that all of Luna Negra’s pizzas, arguably the best in Bali, are cooked in a Modena-imported MAM Forni pizza oven. Order the classic Luna Negra pizza, an authentic Italian masterpiece topped with porcini mushrooms, Parma ham, tomato sauce & mozzarella. If pasta is your ideal Italian fix, try the homemade tagliatelle bolognese or classic lasagna. Not in the mood for Italian? Go for an Asian bento box with tom yum goong soup and breaded fish with Thai sauce or relish in a bowl of hot oxtail soup served with jasmine rice. For the seemingly insatiable appetite, order one of Luna Negra’s juiciest and most tender steaks – the 500g Chateaubriand. Served with grilled brie cheese and grilled vegetables, this decadent U.S.-imported fillet tenderloin is guaranteed to satisfy. Complement this succulent dish with a glass of Fuedi Negro Amaro from Salento or choose your personal favorite from Luna Negra’s fine wine selection. And of course, no meal is ever complete without a little taste of something sweet. Indulge yourself in a hot and cold fantasy of melted chocolate cake and a scoop of perfectly chilled ice cream. If you just want to keep it short and sweet, sip on a glass of Liquid Tiramisu or White Eggnog, two of the newest dessert trends in town.

Luna Negra also caters for private functions and special occasions for up to 200 guests. With an in-house DJ, an immaculate selection of wines and competitively priced spirits, not to mention an exquisite dining menu, all you have to do is ask for the best.