Meals on Wheels by Kimpton Naranta Bali

Introducing Maya’s Van by Maya’s Pantry, transporting tantalising dishes from Kimpton Naranta Bali to the palates of laid-back islanders.

Before opening its doors to the public, Kimpton Naranta Bali is introducing Maya’s Van by Maya’s Pantry to the island. An extension of Maya’s Pantry, Kimpton Naranta Bali resort’s dining venue, the van will travel around Bali, popping up at some of the island’s most vibrant beach spots. Maya’s Van is filled with mouth-watering easy to go bites and drinks that are perfect to be enjoyed in a laidback surrounding, giving guests a taste of the all-day feel-good cuisine available at Maya’s Pantry when Kimpton Naranta Bali opens in early 2022.

A hub of free-form relaxation, Maya’s Pantry will delight with wholesome, fresh flavours backed by stunning island views in Nusa Dua. An interactive pantry concept set in a warm, relaxing and welcoming space, guests will be able to connect with the chefs across the open kitchens while browsing homemade fare and organic nourishment for a sense of family-style dining. An array of delicious homemade treats, such as gluten-free and sugar-free cakes and pastries, organic slow-pressed juices, homemade sauces, jams and sambals, vegan and classic comfort foods, will tantalise the taste buds, while a variety of beverages will include healthy and cleansing drinks, as well as coffee from locally sourced beans.