Oryza Irawan, Chandra Apsari & Kadek Arimbawa – Design Principals at SHL Asia

Crafting Dreams

Born in Bali, SHL Asia is a multi-disciplinary design firm with roles in masterplanning, architecture, landscape and artwork, consistently going beyond typical design norms to turn aspirations into tangible results. We speak with the principals of design, Oryza, Chandra and Kadek, who provide insight into their creative minds.

Oryza Irawan, Chandra Apsari & Kadek Arimbawa

Q: How did you initially develop an interest in design and architecture?
Chandra (C): Growing up in Nusa Penida, surrounded by a tropical environment, pristine beaches and vibrant wildlife, I developed a profound appreciation for the natural world. This upbringing cultivated my interest in design, inspiring me to incorporate elements of nature into my creations, from earthy materials and vibrant colours to organic shapes, fostering spaces that evoke a sense of tranquillity and harmony.

Kadek (K): Something that inspired me to pursue a career in architectural design was my dream to travel the world and to see it from various perspectives. This experience is also reflected in every design of mine. I enjoy blending different styles and colours in my designs to create a unique identity for each project.

Q: Oryza, you have a plethora of projects in your portfolio, ranging across Asia and extending to the Caribbean and Africa. What have you taken from working with such a diverse clientele with you here to SHL Asia?
Oryza (O): I believe that every region possesses unique characteristics in terms of local culture and lifestyle. My involvement in diverse projects across continents has provided me with a comprehensive understanding of how to navigate distinct cultures, environments and technical challenges.

Q: What sets SHL Asia’s design philosophy apart from other firms in the region?
O: To align with the SHL Asia philosophy, we aspire to be timeless, adaptable and harmonious, catering to the unique needs of our clients and the ever-evolving industry landscape. Each project is treated as distinct, much like individual trees of the same species, each possessing its own character and narrative.

K: We deeply understand the significance of place, time and situation in every project, taking inspiration from the Balinese root philosophy of Desa Kala Patra. This serves as our guiding principle in design, ensuring that we make informed decisions in each timeless, harmonious and respectful creation that resonates with the culture, art and nature of the project location.

Q: What do you consider the most rewarding aspect of being a principal at a multi-disciplinary design company?
C: Seeing how our design comes to life and positively influences the environment and the way individuals interact with their surroundings brings immense joy to me. Also, to be able to work with teams of talented individuals to push creative boundaries and achieve collective goals through innovative and meaningful projects is a rewarding experience while working at SHL Asia.

Q: What does success look like to SHL Asia?
O: In the realm of hospitality, the key is successful execution because that’s what keeps the hospitality industry afloat, apart from great design. SHL Asia has put me in the position to ensure every stakeholder feels confident about how their project runs.

C: Trust is a must for successful design. Nothing comes better than a happy client, and I believe the key is to listen to their needs and be aware of their constraints. In my opinion, we are in the position to aim for that kind of success.

K: The success of the project is always a priority. This involves empathy by hearing the client’s aspirations during the design process and ensuring the final result is eventually aligned with their dreams. When the project seamlessly merges with its site and the client’s needs, that’s my barometer of success. 

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