Paradise Found with Prana By Atzaro

Prana by Atzaro combines traditional Indonesian craftsmanship with modern convenience and utmost luxury to take you to the most precious destinations in Indonesia.

If you haven’t heard about Prana by Atzaro, you are not quite the luxury traveller you think you are. Launched last year by Atzaro – a world-renowned hospitality group based in Ibiza and known for its lavish hotels and boutique villas, Prana by Atzaro is modelled after the majestic phinisi – a traditional Indonesian sail boat with two masts, hand-built according to the authentic traditional methods, entirely using ironwood and teak. Some 55m in length, this phinisi is the biggest of its kind.


Combining age-old shipbuilding values with sophisticated luxury, in addition to modern convenience, Prana by Atzaro features the comfort and amenities of an opulent five-star hotel. With complete comfort in mind, Prana by Atzaro boasts nine stunning suites, comprising one grand master suite and eight luxurious suites – each with a private en suite bathroom. Staying true to the rustic charm theme, guests will enjoy alluring and exquisitely vintage fabrics and also stylishly modern linen – resulting in a classy colour palette and unrivalled ambience.

Outside the comfort of the suites, four spacious decks equipped with king-size daybeds are waiting. Prana by Atzaro’s main deck is so expansive that it has indoor and outdoor living areas, a luxury spa, a watersports deck and a further suite. Additionally, the yoga deck also serves as an open-air cinema, offering guests numerous fun activities to participate in onboard. Imagine kicking back and relaxing in an idyllic situation of having unparalleled views of the vast ocean around you, with dedicated staff at your beck and call.

Speaking of dedicated staff, Prana by Atzaro takes pride in its 18-man crew, comprising the cruise director, dive instructor, culinary team, stewards and expert spa therapists. The team aims to cover all angles so that you can have a seamlessly memorable journey.

The F&B team has crafted an array of fine cuisine, combining Asian fusion dishes and Western culinary favourites, made from the freshest, local ingredients. You can choose to dine al fresco under the stars, in the air-conditioned onboard dining room, or you can even add a castaway touch of dining on a serene white-sand beach.

Take it easy by catching a movie at the outdoor cinema on the deck, or take up the enticing pampering offer from the spa team. Morning persons won’t want to miss the yoga class on the topmost deck, creating an enhanced exercise/meditation session unlike any other. Don’t miss the chance to learn to scuba dive with the ship’s resident dive instructor, or alternatively, you can snorkel or ride the sea kayaks and paddle boards.


With the inspiration of a traditional Indonesian vessel and craftsmanship, it’s only appropriate that Prana by Atzaro is moored in Indonesia – offering precious destinations with natural scenery and unique cultures that will make your jaw drop. The most remote corners and nooks, the most untouched beaches, the most breathtakingly vibrant coral reefs, the most fascinating faunas and captivating tribes and their cultures are waiting to be discovered. Prana by Atzaro offers destinations, categorised by four main areas: Komodo, Raja Ampat, the Banda Islands and Alor.

Named after the world’s largest lizards that inhabit the islands, Komodo National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you can get up close and personal with the said creatures. Enjoy excursions throughout the park’s three main islands – Komodo, Rinca and Padar – in addition to the many darling smaller islets. The park sprawls across more than 2,, home to approximately 5,700 komodo dragons, and also other majestic animals. The flora and fauna scene beneath the surface are also to-die-for, with magnificent marine life you can’t find anywhere else.

The elusive Raja Ampat is dubbed paradise on earth for its unbelievable natural gems of colourful cays and rich marine life. The Raja Ampat voyage allows you to swim with giant manta rays, roam in prehistoric caves, get to know primordial tribes and lazily kayak around virgin coastlines.

Meanwhile, in addition to the wondrous underwater life, the Banda Islands showcase rich culture and colonial history. Excursions to this destination include hiking up Mount Api, revelling in the beautiful colonial architecture and more.

Last but not least, in Alor you can bask in the many wonderful sights to behold, from the vividly coloured lakes and active volcanoes spewing sulphur, to the well-preserved ancient tribal cultures. Located within the Coral Triangle, Alor is home to a significant maritime history, pristine beaches and of course, mesmerising coral reefs.