Perfection in a Heineken Pour

The world’s leading premium beer Heineken is back with the 2019 Star Serve competition in Indonesia, to search for bartenders who can perform the perfect pour of Heineken draught beer. Taking place in Medan, followed by Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali in early September, more than 150 bartenders participated to showcase their skills in serving Heineken draught beer to international standards. Each winner in each city received millions of rupiah, a Heineken barrel for the outlet where the bartender works, and an opportunity to visit The World of Heineken in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The competition features five important stages that every bartender must master to serve the perfect draught beer: the rinse, pour, skim, check and serve. Rinse is a glass washing technique to ensure glass cleanliness and there is no grease in the glass. Pour is the technique of beer pouring with a 45-degree glass tilt. Skim is the technique for leveling and removing excess foam, while ensuring foam height. Last, but definitely not least, serve is how the beer is served to the consumer. These five steps are aimed at making sure that bartenders can pour each glass perfectly because Heineken believes that consumers will only order a second beer if they liked the first one.

In addition to Heineken’s commitment to presenting the perfect draught beer, the brand also used this opportunity to re-advocate for responsible drinking by holding Responsible Serving and Responsible Consumption education sessions prior to the competition. This is deemed important because bartenders are the gatekeepers who serve the consumers and ensure that the consumers receive the best quality beer and enjoy it responsibly.

Asia Dreams November 2019 – January 2020