Piasan Restaurant

Whilst preserving the flair for style of Kayumanis, Piasan Restaurant with its up-market design still embraces visual appeal. Engulfed in clear spacious glass, the main dining area is accentuated by individual rods of polished bamboo that line the ceiling, a harmonious blend of modern and traditional elements. Fancy outdoor dining, kept intimate with only a few tables set romantically over a glittering pond with a giant fire urn that’s lit to light up your evening.

The menu portrays a celebration of true tastes from Italy. With distinctive clean flavors this highlights the passion of Chef Denny, a humble Balinese man, for fresh market produce and connection with nature. It prides its unique implementation of set menus, unwillingly to abide by traditional ala carte dining. True to fresh market produce, dishes are never boring, what’s available today in the market will be on the menu today. If seafood that catches Chef Denny’s eye then invariably the menu might include Minestra di Aragosta – fresh lobster soup with vegetables and pasta or maybe Salmone al Ferri di Asparagi e peperonata – char grilled fresh salmon on lettuce asparagus and peperonata.

Piasan Restaurant sets to capture the ritual of typical Italian home dining which is a delicious feast of well prepared food and social interaction. Italians love to feast, from appetizers to decent sized main dishes, refreshed with desserts and ending in Italian styled espresso. Don’t forget the cellar is complete with a wide selection of spirits and wines for relaxing. Piasan adds a touch of contemporary class to the exclusive Nusa Dua enclave.