Pumping Post-Holiday Workout Playlists

The holidays mean festive moments with mouth-watering food and drinks, but then you need to get back in shape. To make your workout less mundane, we have listed Spotify playlists to accompany your exercise that you can pick according to your mood. Choose one by scanning the QR Code on each list description. Have a go!


For those weightlifting, circuit training and HIIT enthusiasts, Beast Mode is a great playlist to increase your heart rate in an instant. This one would be helpful especially when you need that extra pumping boost. Unleash the bea(s)t!



Whether its casual jogging, running or powerwalking, this playlist will give you the precise groove and energy to move forward. It consists of tons of singles from legendary retro singers, from Duran Duran, Billy Joel, ABBA, Michael Jackson and more.



Perfectly tailored to suit all kinds of casual exercise with sweet, catchy and familiar tunes from the 2000’s finest Hip Hop and R&B hit singles, this playlist is a must to accompany your workout from sunrise to sundown.