Pushing the Boundaries of Smartphone Photography

Huawei P30 Pro’s star feature isn’t its fast processor, stellar battery life or even the swanky design, it is, of course, its quadruple Leica camera headlined by an optically-stabilised 40-megapixel unit and a wide F1.6 aperture. Huawei uses what it calls SuperSpectrum imaging, meaning it captures a broader spectrum of light, which improves on the already impressive Huawei low-light performance as a result. The main camera sits next to a new 20mp ultra-wide camera that allows even more dramatic vistas to be captured. The P30 Pro has also seen an upgrade to its camera zoom capabilities with an 8mp, F3.4 unit featuring 5x optical zoom. The fourth camera uses a ToF (Time of Flight) sensor that sends out beams of infrared light and monitors how quickly the light is reflected back, which enables extremely fast image capture. Backed by cool designs and stylish presentation, Huawei are again pushing the boundaries of smartphone photography.


Asia Dreams August – October 2019