Raffles Jakarta

The fundamentally artsy design of Raffles Jakarta is based on its owner’s vision and memory of Hendra Gunawan, Mr. Ciputra’s good friend and one of the most talented painters Indonesia has ever seen. Hendra Gunawan’s style was that of colour play and intricate waves and patterns, a style visually integrated into Raffles Jakarta’s timeless elegance and classic design.

The lobby and reception area greets guests with an explosion of immense colour amidst a backdrop of golden tones that exude an overwhelming sense of grandeur and elegance. Warm golden toned marble is contrasted with rich veins of onyx from floor to ceiling, creating a canvas within the space that is a reoccurring detail throughout the hotel. Touches of Raffles’ romantic and classical architectural details are felt throughout the hotel and are especially evident in the lobby, ballroom, meeting room and, of course, guest rooms.