RATIONAL Introduces New Products

Fans of RATIONAL products will be excited by the exciting new additions to its lineup of combi steamers. Ever dedicated to constantly delighting its customers, RATIONAL introduces the new generation SelfCookingCenter®, which range from unit sizes 6 x1/1 GN to 20 x 2/1 GN. A new feature is the smart triple glazing with cutting-edge heat reflective coating, allowing a significant 10 percent energy savings compared to the previous model, reducing energy losses through the door. The interior lighting and the newly integrated LED lighting in the oven door provide extensive illumination, allowing easy monitoring of the food’s readiness. The new rack signalling feature indicates trays to be loaded and unloaded with blinking LED lights, allowing intuitive support for staff in busy kitchens. Promising a 2.5 times longer lifetime, the new and improved cooking chamber gasket is a  much welcome upgrade.

The fruit of collaboration between RATIONAL’s engineers, physicists and chefs, the SelfCookingCenter® XS is a marvel of an innovation. Despite its tiny dimensions of 55cm deep, 65.5cm wide and 56.7cm high, it offers full RATIONAL features such as the fresh steam generator, the iCookingControl (cooking precisely to your desire), iLevelControl (intelligent mixed loading), HiDensityControl® (automatic cooking cabinet climate adjustment) and the Efficient CareControl (automatic cleaning and descaling). A beautifully versatile unit that grills, roasts, bakes, steams, stews, blanches or poaches food to perfection, the SelfCookingCenter® XS is aesthetically suitable for front cooking areas. A complete range of cooking accessories is also available for the unit, such as a circulating air hood, grilling and pizza tray, cross and stripe grill grate.