Remède Spa at The St. Regis Bali Resort


Honouring the rituals and traditions that began over 100 years ago with St. Regis’ founding Astor family, the romantic Remède Spa at The St. Regis Bali Resort continues the brand’s celebrated legacy with its regenerative Golden Sea Creation Facial.

As soon as you enter the exclusive garden area of Remède Spa and pass through the elegantly arched doorway adorned with graceful strands of crystal, you are immersed within a seductive wellness experience that combines St. Regis’ flawless heritage and bespoke service with uncompromising professionalism and state-of-the-art technology.

An articulate receptionist welcomes you with a glass of chilled tea, slightly sweetened with fresh fruit juice, and invites you to relax before your treatment begins. Epitomising the ambience of a distinguished personal residence, you feel at once at ease and pampered, surrounded by glossy hardwood floors, floating pearlescent butterflies, custom upholstered wood and rattan sofas and chairs, and a long hand-hewn wooden table that features an eye-catching selection of designer coffee table books and boutique teas. A chic juice bar serves an array of international delights that range from St. Regis’ iconic Bloody Mary to specialty coffees and light bites.

As you fill in the brief questionnaire that is designed to inform the therapist of your personal preferences, melon-hued koi float delicately in the shallow ponds, flanked by perfectly groomed palm trees and blooming frangipani. The therapist leads you into a richly appointed salon that showcases a myriad of thoughtfully chosen retail items including wellness jewellery created by a noteworthy designer and an irresistible display of BABOR spa and cosmetic products. Delivering the finest natural active ingredients with its exclusive skincare line, BABOR is an innovative and highly effective luxury German brand that has been partnering with the world’s top estheticians for over 55 years.

Equally as alluring as Remède Spa’s premier spa suites, the individual facial treatment suite located in a private nook within the salon is outfitted with medical spa quality equipment and a diverse selection of BABOR products that will be utilised throughout the Golden Sea Creation Facial. Sourced from the depths of the Pacific Ocean, BABOR’s SeaCreation treatment line is specifically designed to saturate your skin step by step, magically creating perfect radiance with a youthful glow. After a relaxing back scrub and massage that sets the tone for your 120-minute treatment, the therapist gently cleanses your skin and applies a highly concentrated serum that is applied with an authentic tiger conch shell.

Her rhythm is slow and steady, ensuring that every centimetre receives an ample bath of SeaCreation’s thermo-active cell protection, ultimately freeing the skin from stress and free radicals. After more than 15 years of research and countless tests, BABOR’s scientists extracted one of the world’s most effective anti-aging proteins – Glycoceane GP3 – from an unknown micro-organism obtained from the South Polar Sea. Along with an exclusive green caviar algae extract and a thermophilous micro-organism that lives at the foot of deep-sea volcanoes under extreme conditions such as heat and high pressure, the facial delivers effective protection against premature aging, visibly reduces existing fine lines and works to promote collagen production.

In addition to immediately visible results, the Golden Sea Creation Facial has to be one of the most relaxing treatments we have ever experienced. After the smooth, circular strokes of the tiger conch, your therapist carefully applies a sumptuous SeaCreation cream onto your skin with heated obsidian stones as well as cool coral stones. The rhythmic actions of these two intensive facial massages slowly lull you into a profound state of repose, creating a meditative benefit that works in conjunction with BABOR’s unparalleled products to create long lasting inner and outer beauty.

The St. Regis Bali Resort

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