Robert Veenendaal

Executive Chef, BAE by Socieaty

Meals and memories are meant to be shared. I firmly believe that no meal should be eaten alone; sharing a meal alongside friends and family is one of the most fundamental ways to connect with one another. Every meal is an opportunity to create new memories. This is why I aim to deliver food created with great care that leaves guests with happy smiles on their faces.

BAE presents a warm, sociable ambience ideal for guests to create new friendships and memories while indulging in the captivating Wine & Bites menu. Aiming to not only satiate your hunger but also leave a content and satisfied smile on your face, Chef Robert delights in presenting comforting food paired with wines that enhance the flavours for an unforgettable dining experience.

Chef Robert, or Buli as he is known, is always striving to provide his guests with the perfect experience, one that combines ambience, service, food and wine to bring together an elevated and convivial time with friends and family. His favourite dishes tend towards pasta for their comforting, sating nature.

BAE by Socieaty

Senayan City

Jalan Asia Afrika No. 19

Jakarta 10270, Indonesia

T: (+62) 2172782828