Rolling with Yachts

Rolls Royce Motor Cars collaborated with internationally known super yacht brand Sanlorenzo in the Asia Pacific to launch the new Rolls Royce all-terrain car, Cullinan, in May. The super luxury SUV is produced to cater to the successful, dynamic, well-connected and highly mobile generation with a penchant for outdoor activities and exploring the world. A state-of-the-art creation, the all-new Cullinan is synchronised with the new cross-over line from Sanlorenzo, namely the SX line – SX72 and SX88.

Seeing how both brands share the same vision for sophisticated world-class engineering, quality, attention to detail and personalisation, the collaboration between Sanlorenzo and Rolls Royce Motor Cars was well received.

The successful launch in the Asia Pacific comprises prestigious events held in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore in June and July. The events saw yacht owners and buyers getting a sneak preview of the exclusive car before it becomes available at local dealerships later this year.

“Rolls Royce has a modern yet timeless style and elegance that identifies with Sanlorenzo. To see two prominent brands, who are leaders in excellence within their own sectors, has been a natural step and it’s surely a great honour for us,” said Sanlorenzo SPA owner and chairman, Massimo Perotti.

Meanwhile Rolls-Royce Motor Cars’ Asia Pacific regional director Paul Harris mused, “The super-luxury lifestyle of our customers is evolving and expanding. Luxury is no longer an urban concept. We created Cullinan to provide uncompromised luxury over all terrains. It is effortless, everywhere. In addition, many of our customers have a shared passion for yachting, so we look forward to this partnership with Sanlorenzo.”