South America

• By the secret stones of Machu Picchu  

True love will be unearthed by the sacred stones of Machu Picchu, one of the new seven wonders of the world. Follow the ancient path of the Inca tribe to eternal love. Set high in the Andes mountains above Peru, find the lost city built in the 15th century. At over 2,400 metres above sea level, this extraordinarily beautiful setting is the perfect location for a dream proposal. The hike will be worth not only the view but also the chance to make history of your own at such a precious world landmark. Many of Machu Picchu’s mysteries still remain unsolved, but there it is no secret your loved one will be blown away when you get down on one knee in such a magical place.

• Riding down the Amazon River

Take a ride down the Amazon River in Ecuador and experience nature in its purest and most diverse form. Watch pink dolphins splash alongside you as you float through the jungle after climbing aboard the luxury cruise vessel, the Anakonda, with air-conditioned rooms, cool-water outdoor jacuzzi, bar, restaurant and sun deck, and staffed with knowledgeable guides to help you experience and learn about nature in comfort. Book either a four-, five- or eight-night stay and take part in activities like kayaking on Piranha Lake and visiting the turtle farm on the Napo River. Enjoy a romantic evening with your loved one on your private balcony beneath the star-studded skies complete with Champagne as you toast to spending the rest of your lives together.

• Beneath Christ the Redeemer

At the top of Corcovado Mountain, overlooking the city of Rio de Janeiro, you will find perhaps one of the most photographed landmarks on the planet, Christ the Redeemer. A symbol of Christianity worldwide, this statue is not only a Brazilian cultural icon, but has also been listed as one of the new seven wonders of the world. This colossal art-deco statue was originally to honour Princess Isabel, and provides the perfect setting for you to honour the princess of your life. This sacred destination is accessible by a short scenic train ride and provides views spanning beyond the sands of Copacabana and Ipanema. Take a trip during Carnival for a complete cultural experience, and make the peak of your visit your dream proposal.

• Atop the Salt Flats

The world’s largest salt flat, Salar de Uyuni, is located in southwest Bolivia. Here, the sky and the ground collide to provide heaven on earth with no end in sight thanks to what has been called the largest mirror in the world. Allow yourselves to be cut off from the modern world and enjoy each other’s company amidst the stunning vistas. Be sure to plan your trip during flooding season and don’t miss the massive antique train cemetery! And though wildlife is rare, you may be lucky to see some beautiful pink flamingos on your journey. Just be certain that you have a camera set up and ready for this picture-perfect reflection of the manifestation of your love.