Sri Lanka

Acrossroads of diverse cultures throughout its history, Sri Lanka is one of the most vibrant and welcoming places in the world. With ancient Buddhist ruins left behind by the passage of time, tropical rainforests inhabited by exotic flora and fauna, turquoise, crystal-clear waters lapping on the islands many unspoiled beaches, sleepy villages tucked away in the wild expanse of mountain ranges, it is easy to see why Sri Lanka is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world.

For couples looking for a chic seaside resort, look no further than Anantaya Resort & Spa Chilaw. Strategically located near local sights such as Negombo Town where couples can spend a day exploring the quaint colonial town filled with Dutch architecture and Wilpattu National Park, which houses exotic indigenous species such as sloth bears, Anantaya Resort & Spa Chilaw is the perfect place for honeymooners. Visitors can choose from beachfront Superior Rooms where they can enjoy stunning ocean views or the romantic Water Villas. The resort also houses two acclaimed restaurants, a lounge bar and a spa to meet any needs guests might have.

Set in a secluded beachfront setting, honeymooners will be dazzled by the unique and charming setting of Anantara Kalutara Resort. The resort is on Sri Lanka’s pristine, breathtaking coastline, with swaying coconut trees, indigenous plants, private river and lagoon frontage.

Visitors to Sri Lanka flock to Sigiraya, the renowned world heritage site located near the town of Dambulla. Sitting on top of a astounding 200m rock face, the ancient fortress is said to have been built by Sri Lanka’s king Kashyapa in the fourth century. It was said that Kashyapa built his castle and the city on top of Sigiraya to ensure that his stronghold was unassailable. Long after Kashyapa’s time, the fortress was abandoned before it was eventually converted into a Buddhist monastery. Lush, elaborate gardens were commissioned to be built around the rock, on which ancient Sri Lankan-style frescoes were drawn.


Encompassing of highlands, forests, marshes, beaches and lagoons, the Yala National Park is one of the biggest national parks in Sri Lanka. With a variety of ecosystems and habitats spread throughout the gargantuan national park, visitors can find herds of lumbering Sri Lankan elephants, languid and graceful Sri Lankan leopards running across the grasslands, wild water buffaloes frolicking in the marshes and sloth bears hanging from the tree tops.

The humble rice and curry forms the staple diet of Sri Lankans. From sweet and mild to bitter and spicy, there are all types of curry to suit all kinds of tastes. The most common curry is the dhal curry – lentils combined with an aromatic blend of spices and stewed to perfection.

While in Sri Lankan, visitors would be remiss not to try kottu, a dish made up of sliced Sri Lankan flatbread, stir-fried with an assortment of vegetables and spices. Variations of the dish incorporate egg, meat and even cheese.