Stairway to Heaven

The Westin Singapore’s Heavenly Spa offers a truly uplifting experience, way above their exceptional revitalizing treatments.

A nature-inspired sanctuary for body and mind renewal, Heavenly Spa by Westin promises to take personal indulgence and wellness in Singapore to unparalleled heights – quite literally. Surrounded by Marina Bay’s high-rises in Singapore’s Central Business District, Heavenly Spa is secluded up on Level 35 of The Westin Singapore: the city’s first-ever integrated hotel located within an office building. Occupying Levels 32 to 46 in Asia Square Tower 2, besides boasting Singapore’s highest lobby, surely Heavenly Spa by Westin ranks as the city’s loftiest.

The Westin Singapore’s branded Heavenly Spa is part of the five-star hotel’s promise to guests of “a better you” and “inspired well-being”. But even before the Tibetan bell chimes announce the start of my heavenly journey, I already feel inspired and relaxed. As advised, I unwind 30 minutes prior to my treatment in the complementary indoor spa facilities, which include an aromatherapy steam bath and Jacuzzi plunge pool in separate male and female zones. As throughout, The Westin Singapore’s, omnipresent floor-to-ceiling windows not only energize rooms with natural daylight, but offer sensational city views, something you certainly experience when submerged in the glass-encased Jacuzzi. Furthermore, Heavenly Spa’s six treatment rooms afford a great sense of spaciousness and are elevated up on Level 35, well away from the city streets, making for a blissful sanctuary of tranquility. Although elegant with luxurious ensuite facilities, the spa’s all-white, uncluttered design also emanates a calming effect. Wafting white tea scents denotes the use of Thémaé products from Paris (Singapore’s first spa to do so), a Heavenly Spa signature. Thémaé is renowned for its Four Teas Elixir Concept (white, black, red and green teas) integrated into all their products and each wellness treatment.

Amongst Heavenly Spa’s rejuvenating treatments, the unique Revitalize Massage is even more “revitalizing” than its name suggests. Reflecting Singapore’s multi-cultural heritage, this three-in-one treatment draws on old Singapore’s three cultural influences of Chinese (Oriental), Malay and Indian: not only delivering an intensely relaxing and unmistakably Asian experience, but utilizing age-old techniques designed to expel fatigue and daily stresses from the body.
After the standard foot bath ritual, I participate in a not-so-standard, but nonetheless charming  ritual: selecting one of three pebbles marked  “Hope”, ”Gratitude”, or “Love” and then grasping it tight, making a wish and placing the selected pebble under the massage bed for the remainder of the session.

Following ancient Chinese traditions, to re-balance energies my therapist focuses on the tense parts of my body (of which there are many). Back tensions are carefully worked on using a Chinese Gun Fa technique: a hand-sized wooden apparatus resembling a spiky spider is rolled down my spinal column, the resulting tingling sensation indicating the relaxation of the spine muscles. She then works on key pressure points with hand movements that are precise, sustained and jerky, stimulating the body’s meridian points and drawing out any bad energy.  Next, a Malay-inspired abdomen massage, gently administered in circular fashion with a Thémaé black tea and macadamia nut balm, relaxes the colon, liver and spleen to eliminate toxins and improve digestion. My foot reflex zones are stimulated with a traditional Indian Kansu bowl; this Ayurvedic procedure harnesses the bowl’s five metal properties (copper, zinc, bronze, plus two secret metallic substances), which culminates in the elimination of body heat and toxins and boosts energy levels. The amount of body stress and toxins is revealed after the ritual by how black the soles of your feet emerge. This Revitalizing Treatment is certainly that. Opt for the 90-minute session for maximum results.

Post-treatment, float along to the Inner Relaxation Lounge, where recliner armchairs, partitioned off by wooden screens, face directly out over the cityscape and harbour. Chill here while enjoying panoramic views and The Westin Singapore’s nutrient-rich SuperFoods snacks. Ultimately, Heavenly Spa by Westin keeps its promise to uplift guests mentally, physically and spiritually by engaging and stimulating each of the five senses – “For a better you.” No wonder I feel on top of the world upon leaving – and full of hope.