Subin Dharman – General Manager at W Bali – Seminyak

Explore the world of hospitality through the eyes of Subin Dharman, the general manager of W Bali – Seminyak, as he shares his journey from a serendipitous start in the industry to leading one of Bali’s most remarkable hotels. Discover his vision for elevating guest experiences and the keys to successful leadership in the ever-evolving world of hospitality.

Subin Dharman

Q: How did you first get into the hospitality industry? Has it always been your passion?
A: I’ve always been captivated by hotels ever since I travelled with my parents. However, back then, I never considered it as a potential career path. It was quite serendipitous how I found myself stepping into the world of hospitality. Following a friend’s lead, I enrolled in a hospitality school, and that decision changed everything. Throughout my hospitality management studies, I immersed myself in diverse roles within hotels. This hands-on experience ignited a profound passion within me for the industry. What started as a mere job gradually transformed into a heartfelt dedication to crafting extraordinary guest experiences. Now, I can’t envision my life without it!

Q: W Bali – Seminyak has quite a distinctive vibe among the other hotels you’ve worked with. How would you describe the resort in your own words?

A: W Bali – Seminyak transcends the typical hotel experience, embodying the essence of Bali’s vibrant lifestyle. Seamlessly blending contemporary design with Balinese heritage, bold beverage and culinary offerings, and immersive activities, our resort creates a dynamic atmosphere that resonates with modern travellers seeking something extraordinary.

Every element of the hotel is meticulously curated, each detail telling its own compelling story. Our villa component is a standout feature, designed as a Balinese village sanctuary where guests can relax and fully immerse themselves in the serene atmosphere of Ubud and Nusa Dua. Meanwhile, our sea-facing escape rooms offer breathtaking views of the resort’s bustling beverage and food scenes. This harmonious blend of tranquillity and lively ambience is truly exclusive to our Bali retreat.

Moreover, our central location grants effortless access to shopping and culinary delights, culminating in an all-encompassing Bali experience!

Q: As a newly appointed general manager, what do you have in plan for W Bali – Seminyak?
A: I have several exciting plans in store to elevate the guest experience and further establish the resort as a premier destination. This entails elevating personalised services, introducing inventive food and beverage concepts, and cultivating collaborations with both international and local artists and businesses. These efforts aim to imbue the guest experience with an unparalleled sense of authentic Balinese culture.

Q: What do you think of current Bali’s hospitality scene and what do you expect to see in the future?
A: The current hospitality scene in Bali is dynamic and competitive, with a diverse range of offerings catering to different traveller preferences. Looking ahead, I expect to see a continued emphasis on sustainability, technology integration and personalised experiences to meet the evolving demands of travellers while preserving Bali’s unique charm and cultural heritage. 

Q: As a leader, what do you think is the key to successful leadership?
A: From my experience, the cornerstone of effective leadership in the hospitality sector hinges on cultivating a culture of empowerment, collaboration and ongoing growth. The general manager’s focus and priorities become the hotel’s focal point. I consistently emphasise the importance of fostering culture as our core business strategy. Our ethos revolves around nurturing our talent and ensuring exceptional care for our guests. It’s about igniting inspiration and motivation within our talent to deliver their utmost, while offering the necessary support and direction for their success. Additionally, effective communication, empathy and adaptability are indispensable qualities for navigating the dynamic terrain of hospitality.

Q: What is the most rewarding moment throughout your career that you will never forget?
A: The most rewarding moment of my career was when I witnessed the impact of our team’s collective efforts in exceeding guest expectations and creating unforgettable memories. Whether it was a heartfelt thank you from a satisfied guest, receiving prestigious awards and accolades for our achievements, or seeing team members grow and succeed under my leadership, these moments serve as reminders of why I’m passionate about hospitality and inspire me to continue striving for excellence.

I always tell my team that we hold the most fulfilling job in the world. Our purpose revolves around spreading joy and happiness, for the truest path to happiness is found in making others happy. That’s precisely what we strive to accomplish each and every day.

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