The Banyan Expansion

Garrya Nijo Castle Kyoto

Banyan Tree Group debuts in Japan with five properties.

Furtherly expanding its presence in the hospitality industry, Banyan Tree Group has finally announced its expansion into Japan. This introduction of four brands marks the group’s first-ever entry into Japan since its inception in 1994.

Through a partnership with Wealth Management Group, Dhawa Yura and Garrya Nijo Castle have just launched in June 2022, while Banyan Tree Higashiyama and Banyan Tree Ashinoko Hakone are set to open from now through 2026. Separately, Banyan Tree Group has just signed a new partnership with Terraform Capital that will lead to a newly built Cassia in the beautiful ski resort of Niseko.

Dhawa Yura Kyoto

Interweaving historic touchpoints, rich culture and natural wonders to provide true sense-of-place experiences for discerning travellers, these properties come just in time as Japan’s borders reopen following a two-year break from international tourism.

Travellers coming to Kyoto are treated to a few great choices, including Banyan Tree Higashiyama Kyoto located on a hilltop, Dhawa Yura Kyoto which sits next to the iconic Sanjo Ohashi bridge, and Garrya Nijo Castle Kyoto, where wellness and wellbeing are the main focus. For experiencing the famous onsen, Banyan Tree Ashinoko Hakone is located in an area close to Lake Ashino with Mount Fuji as the stunning backdrop. Meanwhile, for a skiing trip, Cassia Hirafu is set to open in 2025 at Japan’s most popular ski resort destination of Niseko.

Garrya Nijo Castle kyoto

“We are pleased with our strategic entry into Japan, in line with the government’s recent decision to ease international tourism into the country. The beautiful city of Kyoto is an unmistakable great start for Banyan Tree Group’s foray into Japan, with its natural healing springs, vast history, and abundant culture.  Through the recent openings of Dhawa and Garrya, in addition to three upcoming openings for Banyan Tree and Cassia underway, our group is looking forward to strengthening its presence in Japan,” said Eddy See, President and Chief Executive Officer of Banyan Tree Group.