The Gaia Hotel Bandung

Named after the Greek mythology personification of earth or life, The Gaia Hotel Bandung takes the philosophy to heart as it provides a modern sanctuary among northern Bandung’s natural landscape. Perched atop a lush valley, the 16-storey hotel overlooks 2.3 hectares of verdant area, offering various facilities suitable for every type of guests. It seamlessly blends contemporary architecture with the rich pristine area, surrounding guests with many open spaces for relaxation, exploration, activities, events or dining while enjoying greenery and fresh air.

Each of The Gaia Hotel Bandung’s 280 rooms, ranging from a comfortable 35sqm to a luxurious 105sqm, is equipped with a balcony for guests to enjoy the fresh mountain air and panoramic views. The hotel makes use of its vast complex and the surrounding natural beauty, by constructing its accommodation and communal areas around them. Two of the most popular spaces are the Rooftop Garden and Amphitheatre, which make the perfect event venues.

The complex is furnished with wonderful features to cater a delighful stay; from a stunning mountainside infinity pool, Sepik Massage Therapy and Spa, and a state-of-the-art gym with indoor and outdoor areas, to the highly popular KidsCADS play studio for younger guests. These facilities can host a series of programmes that will create a memorable staycation. Regular film screenings, cultural performances, art appreciation, jamming sessions, workshops and classes are available for guests to participate in. There are also the more lively activities, such as bouldering, karaoke, movie time, food and craft activities, yoga and zumba classes and others. 

Clearly, holidays can’t be complete without good food. The Gaia Hotel Bandung offers full range of options, from Gaia Semeja Asian Kitchen with its family-style fare, or Monomono that blends Latin American and Japanese flavours. As always, there’s always time to enjoy a fine cup of coffee at Inspira Roasters.


  • Perfect location for an urban staycation 
  • The KidsCADS children activity studio
  • Many indoor and outdoor activities for the whole family

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The Gaia Hotel Bandung
Jalan Dr. Setiabudi
Bandung 40143, Indonesia
T: (+62) 2220280780