The Winner of Exquisite Awards 2022 – Best Hotel Lobby Design Jakarta: The Langham, Jakarta

The Winner of Exquisite Awards 2022 – Best Hotel Lobby Design Jakarta: The Langham, Jakarta

The term ultra-luxury is synonymous with The Langham, Jakarta. Ever since its opening, the opulent hotel has set a new standard for lavish destinations in Jakarta, and in extension, Indonesia. The most striking quality about the hotel, first and foremost, is the extravagant design. 

Meticulously designed by Smallwood Reynolds Stewart Stewart (SRSS), Wilson Associates and AvroKo, the hotel prides itself in its inspiring expansive space, exuding sophisticated elegance and combining a unique mix of East and West. 

Guests will be mesmerised and in awe from the first time they step into The Langham, Jakarta. The Arrival Lobby itself is a magnificent sight to behold, with intricate patterned marble flooring and grand marble pillars, curated artworks and the most captivating thing of all: Haven by Lasvit.

Created by Czech-based designer and manufacturer Lasvit, Haven is an intricate crystal installation comprising 1,800 fluttering butterfly lights, adorning both the hotel’s Arrival Lobby and Sky Lobby. Inspired by the romanticism of Indonesian rainforests, the natural habitat of the inspiring species, Haven is crafted from individual components that are cut out of larger, hand-blown and polished glass pieces that come in many sizes and multiple colour palettes. 

The elaborate creation process of Haven involved various decorative techniques, coating finishes and a transparency gradient, resulting in a harmonious visual symphony. Almost all of the glass butterflies are suspended on wires, creating a look of them floating in space, while the remainder are attached to the hotel’s surfaces and the central metal structure overlooking the hotel’s Arrival Lobby. This champagne-coloured lattice covering the whole ceiling evokes images of beautiful, familiar Monarch butterflies. 


  • Haven by Lasvit installation
  • Marble flooring and ceiling
  • Curated artworks

The Langham, Jakarta

District 8, SCBD

Jakarta 12190, Indonesia

T: (+62) 2127087888