The Multi Benefits Of Sylfirm X

A new RF micro-needling technology brings skin rejuvenation to a more effective level.

In recent years, state-of-the-art technology to improve the health and appearance of the face and body has developed rapidly. More and more treatments are available to ensure we look and feel our best about our beauty and wellness. When it comes to skin treatments, RF (radio frequency) micro-needling technology has been proven an effective and sought-after ritual to resolve many dermatology-related issues.

RF micro-needling fans will be happy to learn about Sylfirm X treatment. The newest RF technology excels, making the most of a unique dual-wave technology that combines the classic continuous radio frequency waves with innovative pulsed waves. This method allows effective treatment of vascular problems, including hard-to-treat conditions, such as pigmentation problems like melasma and rosacea. 

Further, the Sylfirm X treatment helps reduce stretch marks and the appearance of scars, including from acne. In general, the treatment works wonders in making the skin tone brighter and healthier, as well as improving its structure. 

In Bali, leading beauty and wellness destination Puriva Aesthetic & Lifestyle Clinic is one of the first clinics to carry the Sylfirm X technology. Long-time clients of Puriva will be familiar with the intensive pre- and post-treatment care provided by the clinic. Helmed by professionally trained and highly experienced Dr. Edo Suweta, the Puriva team understands that comfort and ease are important when it comes to wellness and beauty procedures.

Before you start the treatment, a certified nurse will help clean the treatment area of any make up, sunscreen, dirt, or other external factors. For a smooth experience, a numbing cream will be applied on the treatment area 30 minutes before the procedure. Usually, the Sylfirm X ritual takes about 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area. After the procedure is complete, the nurse will apply a post-procedure serum. 

The Sylfirm X treatment encourages collagen and elastin stimulation, the results of which will usually show within two to four weeks. In the second week, the skin tightening usually starts to show, while in the fourth week, the vascular and scar reduction will take place. Puriva only uses certified equipment from Haju Medical, the legal distributor of Sylfirm X machines in Indonesia. So rest assured, and enjoy your healthier, tighter skin. 

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